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Head Shots Base Package

Base Package is $100

5 total images

3 full color head shots

1 black and white head shot

1 full body shot

(Changes to your 5 image mix can be requested at no additional cost)

Digital delivery of finished images is standard with physical (disc or print) available for an additional fee.

Prints are $10 per sheet

ex. 1 8x10,  2 5x7, 3 4x6, etc..

Disc is $5

USB is $15

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$70 per hour per videographer

$30 per hour to add a photographer

Basic editing included

Advanced editing: Introduction, special effects, mixing video and photography into a compilation, and many more. 

$40 per video minute

FX Introduction only 


Digital copy is included

Disc $5

USB $15



$50 per photographer per hour


Digital Copy

Basic Touch Ups


Disc $5

USB $15

Prints are $10 per sheet

ex. 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 3 4x6, etc..

FX: sepia, name, date, title, vignette, border, etc... 

$10 per image per effect

Wedding Packages

All Wedding Packages Include:

A 15pg/30 sides, 14x6 per side, elegant photo album filled with pictures of your choosing

An edited video with introduction of bride and groom "Love Story" interview and ending with Family/Friends "Message for Future" interviews at the Wedding Reception (number of people interviewed determined by package with add-ons available)

Digital copy & disc or USB of all photographs

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1 Videographer

1 Photographer

4 Hours Continuous Coverage

Family/Friends Interview - 4 people


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1 Videographer

2 Photographers

5 Hours Continuous Coverage

Family/Friends Interview - 6 people


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​​2 Videographers

2 Photographers (1 male & 1 female)

8 Hours Continuous Coverage

Family/Friends Interview - 8 people

Bride and Groom Day Before Individual Interviews


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$350 Extra Videographer or Photographer

$200 Extra Hour

$150 Extra Family/Friends Interview

$10 per page for Additional prints

$500 Photograph Video with 30 photographs (intro and artistic design with FX available)

$500 Expedite Editing - One Week Complete Edit and Delivery